More and more furniture factories use numerical control opening machine
Furniture production standards are higher and higher, for the production mode and production capacity also have new requirements, ordinary processing equipment is difficult to meet the processing and production standards, so more and more furniture factories began to use numerical control opening machine, the equipment has become more important equipment in furniture production.
First, the function of CNC opening machine:
1, the equipment can be installed professional typesetting software, loading and unloading platform, so as to realize automatic typesetting + automatic loading and unloading + shaped plate cutting + vertical drilling and other functions, can completely replace the big saw processing, saving the processing time and cost.
2, the opening machine can be used for all kinds of plate processing, such as our commonly used wooden doors, cabinets, panel furniture and other mass product processing and production of various parts and components.
Two, the advantages of CNC opening machine:
Opening machine has been used in the furniture industry for many years, furniture production quality is higher and higher, one of the factors is the application of opening machine, promote the overall quality of furniture rise.
1. The function of CNC opening machine is powerful, which improves the production quality and production capacity of furniture as a whole, and can complete many kinds of functional processing and production.
2, the machine has a visual processing interface to display the processing effect, the whole process to master the processing effect, to avoid the failure in the processing process, damage to the plate.
3. The overall effect of panel furniture has been improved. The machine software can directly import the designed CAD drawing, and the machine can set various parameters according to the drawing effect.
4, the overall work efficiency has been improved, ordinary opening equipment processing about 20-30 boards a day, but the opening machine can process about 70-80 boards a day, if paired with the automatic loading and unloading platform, the number of plates can be processed will be higher.
It is because CNC opening machine has rich functions and advantages, it will be so popular in the market, I hope these content can help you.

Post time: Sep-08-2022